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How to Get Your Child Ready for Pre K

For many children, Pre K is the first time that they are away from family members. It can be a scary experience for children and parents alike. However, once your child is used to going to school, they often enjoy it. They will learn, make friends, play games, and have a lot of fun. Convincing your child that he or she will love it can be a bit difficult. Luckily, there are some ways that you can help your child adjust.

Check your own feelings

Your child will often take their cues about kids preschool from you. If you are apprehensive and nervous about it, your child will be too. This is a big step in your child's life, and they look to you for guidance. Now is the time to be brave and strong.

Be positive

Talk to your child about school often. Always speak about it in a positive manner. Discuss all of the fun things that your child will do in school. Let your child know that you will answer any questions that they have.

Attend an open day

The unknown is scary. If you can arrange to have your child visit the school beforehand, it will do a lot to ease their fears.

  • Let the child meet the teacher.

  • Show your child the classroom.

  • Drive by the building often when you're running errands so the child gets used to it.


Let children help choose their own supplies. Even if they don't need much, let them choose a backpack, pencils and a notebook. They will love the feeling that comes with shopping for school essentials. Even adults seem to enjoy buying these types of supplies.


Once you have your supplies, play school with your child. This will help give children a clearer idea as to what they should expect. It's a fun bonding experience as well.

Begin preparing your child for school about a month in advance. Always make your talks positive and let your child know that you're excited for them to start school. Play school games, read books about school and let them have fun shopping for their supplies. Take any opportunity you can to let the child see the school and meet the teacher. All of these things will make the transition easier for all involved. Before long, your child will be learning and meeting new people. They are at the age where they are ready to expand their world.

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