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Is a Preschool Education Important for Your Child?

More children are now attending preschool than ever before. It leads some parents to wonder if a preschool education is essential for children. The short answer is yes. Children who attend preschool are better able to handle kindergarten. They build a strong foundation, which sets them up for success when they attend preschool. While preschool may not have been as important in the past, things have changed, and it's now a much- needed part of your child's education.

Socialization is An Important Skill

Children need socialization. Preschool lets them play and learn along with other children their age. Up until preschool, children may not have had much exposure to their peers. They may not have much exposure to those outside of the family. It's essential to learn to get along and work with others.

Times Have Changed

Years ago, kindergarten was the time to socialize and play alongside your peers. These days more is expected of children when they enter kindergarten.

  • Children in kindergarten are learning to read.

  • They mostly focus on academics, rather than socialization and play.

  • Children now learn what used to be kindergarten skills in preschool. When preschool is unattended, children begin school at a disadvantage.

Boost Their Self-Confidence

As your child branches out in preschool, they will become more confident. Learning, meeting new people, and getting new friends are all confidence boosters for your child. Children learn that they can work to figure out things on their own and that they can accomplish tasks without help from their parents. Anything that helps young children gain confidence is a great thing for them.

Responsibility is a Skill they will need throughout Their Lives.

Kids learn that they are responsible for their behavior and decisions. Responsibility is a skill that they will use throughout their lives. Until now, they have had their parents teaching them the right way to do things and how to behave. In preschool, they use the skills that they've learned at home in a real-world setting.

The most important thing about preschool is that it prepares your child to enter elementary school. By the time they enter kindergarten, they have grasped the basics of how a school works. They are used to working within a group, meeting new people, having a schedule, and completing tasks on time. They are ready to begin their formal education. They have an excellent foundation to build.

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