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Why Parents and Officials are pushing for More Play Based Learning

Play based learning is not an entirely new concept. In fact, in the past, it was the preferred method of teaching young children. Then there was a switch away from the play. Academics no longer focused on learning through play. The thought process behind the move was that with less play and more learning, children would learn at a faster pace. However, studies are now showing that play may very well help children learn more and give them an edge.

Motivates the child to want to know more

If you've ever watched a child master a game that they had an interest in, then you know how much play motivates children. Children can do amazing things when they are motivated. Watch your child's interest soar as they play.

Opens up the child’s imagination

Children have amazing imaginations. Playtime learning helps to foster that imagination. As they play, their imagination and creativity are unleashed. When they are learning as they are playing, they are learning lessons that last throughout their lives.

It makes learning something positive

Everyone has a different learning style. Some children love book learning, others struggle with it, but play is something that almost all children love. They thrive when they are playing.

  • When kids are encouraged to play, they just know that it's fun. They won't even know that they are learning.

  • It's something that the kids want to do. Rather than struggling to get them motivated, they come into it already motivated.

  • They are more likely to retain what they learn when they enjoy what they are doing.

  • It's fun. Children who associate learning with fun want to keep learning.

A feel-good experience

By making learning fun, kids pick up on things easier. This makes them feel good about themselves, which boosts their self-confidence. When you boost a child's self-confidence, the sky is the limit for them academically. Their belief in themselves helps them reach new heights. It's a wonderful thing.

Learning through play is such an amazing thing for children. The benefits are wonderful. It's excellent for young children who are just starting out in the academic world, but it's also great for older children. Learning doesn't have to be boring. Teach children that learning doesn't have to be met with dread. It can be something that kids look forward to. Get your child into learning through fun and they will excel. You'll be setting them up for success.

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